I struggled finding any good veneer glue for shop cut thicker veneers in our city even at the veneer shops - found it on this site and it's great. Traditional bamboo fly-rod makers use powder resin glue for its long open time and moisture resistance. Joe at VeneerSupplies.com has excellent customer service and fast shipping. Vitamin E, Grape Seed, Bladderwrack, I recently purchased Ultra Cat veneer glue to use attaching veneer to some substrates, and found it to be a very good product! What is the shelf life of this adhesive?The powdered Ultra-CAT adhesive is will remain usable for 8 months if stored in cool and dry conditions. Powder adhesives may be used to keep dentures in place. With powder adhesive, the adhesive is added to water or another fluid for mixing when it is required. Thank you so much Rod and Diane Taylor. Powdered resin wood glue - one shot for durability with total weather and water resistance. Extra Value: One 5lb container makes approximately 1 gallon of adhesive. Thanks to Joe for finding the best products so I don't have to spend valuable time researching them. This also prevent joint lines from separating. In liquid form, it has a powdered catalyst, while the powdered version has the urea and formaldehyde components already mixed. The powder system gives extremely good gap filling properties, ensuring rain does not … UF resins have been the choice in binders of engineered core stock for decades. Pricing: 1 lb Container - $13.50        5 lb Pail - $28.90        25 lb Bucket - $92.90. Forms a high-strength bond. Yes, its a veneer glue but its also one helluva good general purpose wood glue when you need unmatched strength. As solid as epoxy, this is the best for dining chairs, as well as bent laminations. Easy to use, usually purchased as a powder which gets mixed with water. View the marijuana dispensary menu, reviews and photos. The buyer should consult the Material Safety Data sheets available on our website to determine the hazards and sustain preventive measures. After my first large veneering job using the Ultra-Cat glue, I'm sold on it. DAP® WELDWOOD® Plastic Resin Glue is a powdered, pre-catalyzed water-activated glue designed to provide strong, durable bonds for wood and wood products. This stuff is amazing and dries rock hard for NO warping. The glue is straight forward to mix and open time is perfect for gluing up a large frame press full of door stiles. I attempted to salvage the unused veneer from the panel by soaking the whole panel in a large tub of water hoping the glue would break down and gently release the veneer. Easy to mix. After 5 days underwater and no release I gave up. DAP® WELDWOOD® wood glue is a powdered, urea formaldehyde that activates by mixing with water. I guess I had a "thirsty" substrate. Low VOC. So many reviews...what else to say? You should still buy only as much as you need, but nice to know you may be surprised how long the shelf life can be, especially if you keep properly stored. This glue is always my first choice for veneer. The OP (original post) was from a guy who wanted to make a bent lamination sleigh bed. But getting a fresh batch has always been the problem with these glues. I followed the instructions,used the helix mixer and added the colorant to lighten up the ending color. Powdered resin wood glue is also known as Urea-Methanol, either way, Cascamite is a known carcinogen so dust masks while mixing are essential. Description. I'm glad I discovered Ultra-Cat! [Note from Joe: I prefer to use a melamine platen instead. Perhaps drawback is long curing time say compared to foam glue or quick set epoxy resin for small jobs. The veneered piece held up fantastic. How much pressure is required when using this adhesive in vacuum press?The ideal vacuum level for Ultra-CAT is 18 to 21" of Hg. Upon addition of water, in high temperature, cured urea formaldehyde can hydrolyse and release formaldehyde, this weakens the glue bond. This adhesive produces a bond stronger than the timber itself. THANK YOU! Did Joe answer any questions about this product for you? It takes some time in the vacuum press bag but the results are exceedingly satisfactory. We use it at Summit Door to build rail and stile doors. It is suitable for interior or exterior use and can also be used for laminating and load bearing applications. This adhesive cures rock-hard so it eliminates veneer creep caused by seasonal humidity changes. Do I need to apply this adhesive to the substrate and to the veneer?Always apply Ultra-CAT adhesive to the substrate only. Doing so slightly reduces the moisture and heat resistance of the glue line, but not to any great extent. Get yourself a cheap food scale and measure by weight (grams). Love the glue Joe! This adhesive cures rock-hard so it eliminates veneer creep caused by seasonal humidity changes. The wax or sanding sealer will keep the CA adhesive from staining the surrounding wood as the stone is build up in the recess or crack. Stuff bonded my veneer great. And it still had its same shape. The curing occurs through a chemical reaction which is catalyzed by water. Easy to use and quick clean up! Ultra-CAT PPR is not a ULE resin. Yes, it is a pain to mix (I use a formula of 15 grams of powder per sq ft and 1 1/3 oz water per 70 grams). One of the extra features of this product is you can also add their lightening powder to control the glue color, giving a lot more control of the finished color and to match light or dark veneer! Had only one area of last panel which had a small area which was not adhered but that was due to me trying to short cut and just weight the platen down instead of clamping as I did for all else. Wish I would have found this years ago! More of a breakdown in mixing quantities would be helpful, as it would require less math. I used this glue for a backgammon board with veneer that I cut myself. All Content ©2021 VeneerSupplies.com Urea resin glue line characteristics are strong, rigid, thermoset, Type II water resistance and excellent heat resistance. Rigid, waterproof and gets along with finishes. This really does work and it holds like no other product. Excellent adhesive for interior and especially exterior wood work bonding. Two tips: I found I needed about 25% more glue per sq ft than the container approximated. A great glue! Powdered Plastic Resin (PPR) product may be hot pressed, cold pressed, vacuum bagged or radio frequency … You might need to heat it up a bit with an electric blanket. While, everything was under a tent, it still got quite a bit of splash around the edges of the tent.

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