For some three and a half hours, it tells the story of … Recorded live at Pisa Cathedral in 2016, this recording of Bach's St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244, is of a piece with the touring Bach Cantata Pilgrimage recordings released in the early 2000s: it is rich yet lively, sung with precision yet a total sense of commitment in the moment. By contrast, other recordings are more agile. Showing 1 - 10 of 129 results Scholl blends beautifully with the Collegium Vocale and with Ian Bostridge’s narration displaying impeccable tonal quality, this recording doesn’t disappoint. Image: ©️Marco Borggreve. It’s our only non period-instrument contender and features A-list singers from the 1960s, including Elisabeth Schwartzkopf, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Peter Pears – the latter is clearly caught at the top of his game. 22. The sortable listing is taken mostly from the selection provided by Aryeh Oron on the Bach-Cantatas website. Find out more about the best versions, and listen and download your favourites. What concern, if any, will pick up all of the wonderful recordings now immured in the Vanguard vaults? Following its premiere, it received two subsequent performances in 1736 and the 1740s. 1: No. And someone earlier in the group was asking for the "best" recordings of the Passions. The work comprises two choruses, two orchestras (each with continuo organ) and a group of soloists, including Christ and the Evangelist. The selection is taken from the 253 recordings listed on bach-cantatas as of 2015, beginning with a recording from 1939 by a symphony orchestra and choir to match. This 2019 recording marks 20 years for that recording, with the complete sacred and secular cantatas behind them, not to mention numerous recordings of other … He is betrayed, tried, crucified and buried. Listen free to Otto Klemperer – Bach: St.Matthew Passion (St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244, Pt. The lyrics were compiled by Picander (the pseudonym of Christian Friedrich Henrici), probably in close consultation with Bach himself. At the other end of the scale, the venue for Otto Klemperer’s grand affair must have been filled to the rafters with musicians! The best recordings of Simon Rattle and the … These performances would … The table begins with the recording conducted by Willem Mengelberg in 1939. In our age of period instruments and historically-informed performance, you wouldn’t necessarily turn to the Berlin Philharmonic and the progressive Sir Simon for a top-quality St Matthew Passion. Notable recordings of Johann Sebastian Bach's St Matthew Passion (Matthäus-Passion) are shown below in a sortable table. But that’s where you’d be mistaken. However, not every recording uses such large ensembles. These are some of my best f. Can’t even wait till all my friends get here! The Evangelist (one of the most important figures in the passion) is Anthony Rolfe-Johnson and he is just magnificent. Two completely different approaches: The Traditionalist (John Eliot Gardiner) To say that Gardiner knows his Bach would be an enormous understatement. JS Bach St Matthew Passion, BWV 244 Benjamin Bruns (Evangelist), Carolyn Sampson & Aki Matsui (sopranos), Damien Guillon & Clint van der Linde (altos), Makoto Sakurada & Zachary Wilder (tenors), Christian Immler & Toru Kaku (basses); Bach Collegium Japan/Masaaki Suzuki BIS BIS-2500 163.14 mins (2 discs) Critics around the world agreed. 11, 21, 65, 66; Abridged Nos. The broad tempi taken in the opening chorus, ‘Kommt, ihr Töchter’, set the scene for a performance of great intensity. Sung in English. Somary's 1977 recording of the *St. Matthew Passion* has always been one of the better modern-instrument versions, and so it is too bad that its availability is now restricted due to the demise of the Vanguard label. It is a musical icon for the Christian world but at the same time expresses feelings common to the whole of humanity. Beginning in the late 1960s, historically informed performances paved the way for recordings with smaller groups, boys choirs and ensembles playing period instruments, taken to an extreme in recordings using only one voice on a vocal part. Browse: Bach, J S - St Matthew Passion, BWV244 This page lists all recordings of St Matthew Passion, BWV244 by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Register now to continue reading Thank you for visiting Gramophone and making use of our archive of more than 50,000 expert reviews, features, awards and blog articles. Notable recordings of Johann Sebastian Bach's St Matthew Passion (Matthäus … J.S. Their “Historically Most Informed” St. John Passion is a favorite. Smooth Classics at Seven with John Brunning This monumental St Matthew Passion is hailed as the greatest setting of the Passion story in western music, but surprisingly it was not until almost 100 years after its premiere that Bach’s music got the recognition it deserved. In 1970 the first HIP recording appeared, conducted by Nikolaus Harnoncourt. ... St Matthew Passion is his most extended work and is supremely rewarding to study, rehearse and perform. Some scholars believe that Bach used only one singer for a vocal part in the choral movements, termed "one voice per part" (OVPP). 7pm - 8pm, Symphony No.6 in G major Opus 116 (2) Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The information lists for one recording typically: Revised by Elgar & Atkins. Recordings > BACH: ST MATTHEW PASSION; BACH: ST MATTHEW PASSION. Masaaki Suzuki on returning to Bach's St Matthew Passion Thursday, February 13, 2020 The Director of Bach Collegium Japan has made a second recording for BIS of the great work. Paul McCreesh has just eight singers – one voice per part – and while this may be too lightweight for some, the detail achieved is nevertheless inspiring. This 90-year old couple play Bach together and it will, J.S. Omits Nos. Bach have? The great Klemperer recording for EMI. John Eliot Gardiner’s 1988 version is regarded by many as the doyen of original-instrument performances and with soloists such as Barbara Bonney and Anthony Rolfe Johnson, plus energetic choral singing, you can see why. King’s College presents a new account of one of sacred music’s greatest masterpieces, the Bach St Matthew Passion, performed with the Academy of Ancient Music. 5th recording Richter, recorded at Herkulessaal, 2001 Grammy Award for "Best Choral Performance", 2001. also on DVD, filmed and recorded at Sint-Joriskerk, "Matthäus-Passion BWV 244 / Recordings - Part 1 / Complete Recordings 1900-1949", "Matthäus-Passion BWV 244 / Recordings - Part 2 / Complete Recordings 1950-1959", "Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) / St Matthew Passion", "Matthäus-Passion BWV 244 / Recordings - Part 3 / Complete Recordings 1960-1969", "Matthäus-Passion BWV 244 / Recordings - Part 4 / Complete Recordings 1970-1979", "Matthäus-Passion BWV 244 / Recordings - Part 5 / Complete Recordings 1980-1989", "Matthäus-Passion BWV 244 / Recordings - Part 6 / Complete Recordings 1990-1999", "Matthäus-Passion BWV 244 / Recordings - Part 8 / Complete Recordings 2000-2009", "Matthäus-Passion BWV 244 / Recordings - Part 9 / Complete Recordings 2010-2019", Matthäuspassion, BWV 244 (Bach, Johann Sebastian), International Music Score Library Project, Matthäuspassion, BWV 244b (Bach, Johann Sebastian (early edition), Side-by-side arrangement of the original text and an English translation, Masses, magnificat, passions and oratorios, List of compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach,, Discographies of compositions by J. S. Bach, Articles with International Music Score Library Project links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Large choirs (red background): Bach (choir dedicated to Bach's music, founded in the mid of the 20th century), Boys (choir of all male voices), Radio (choir of a broadcaster), Symphony (choir related to a symphony orchestra), Medium-size choirs, such as Chamber choir, Chorale (choir dedicated mostly to church music), Madrigal, One voice per part (green background): OVPP or OVPP+R (with ripienists reinforcing the soloists in some chorale movements), Large orchestras (red background): Large (unspecified), Bach (orchestra dedicated to Bach's music, founded in the mid of the 20th century), Radio (symphony orchestra of a broadcaster), Opera, Symphony, Orchestra on period instruments (green background), Boys' Choir of Robert-Mayer-School of Heilbronn, Coro di Voci Bianche dell'Oratorio dell'Immacolata di Bergamo, Boys' voices of the Staats- und Domchor, Berlin, This page was last edited on 28 November 2020, at 11:08. 10, 12, later re-issued (choruses & arias only) on, collaboration of two conductors (and brothers) and their boys' choirs, re-issued in 2005 Berlin Classics. Johann Sebastian Bach is widely regarded the greatest musical genius of all time. Download 'Symphony No.6 in G major Opus 116 (2)' on iTunes. The St Matthew Passion tells the story of the last days of Jesus. Mark Padmore’s Evangelist is thrilling and Deborah York matches her more famous colleague Magdalena Kožená all the way. No orchestra has a greater pedigree in Bach-performance than the Leipzig Gewandhaus and, since becoming its Music Director, Riccardo Chailly has proved an enthusiastic advocate of the music of his illustrious predecessor. From the late 1960s, historically informed performances (HIP) tried to adhere more to the sounds of the composer's lifetime, who typically wrote for boys choirs and for comparatively small orchestras of Baroque instruments, often now called "period instruments". He began earning his own living at fifteen as a chorister and violinist in a court orchestra, and later became a church organist. There is something to the St. Gallen Bach Cantata project’s recordings that speaks with an earnestness and directness that other recordings of these works do not. This St. Matthew is for me the best recording I've ever heard. Of Bach's two passion settings, it's the later St Matthew one that has historically scooped the lion’s share of performances and general praise. Bach's oratorio The St. Matthew Passion has been called the Mount Everest of Western classical music. The first recording of the work was conducted by David McKinley Williams with the choir of St. Bartholomew, New York in 1930, but was not complete. Today on the podcast we sit down. It contains superb singing, in particular from Matthias Goerne as Christ, who is compelling, and Bernarda Fink, who delivers a charming ‘Erbarme dich mein Gott’ – as indeed does Andreas Scholl in Philippe Herreweghe’s version. There had already been a long history of Passion music – that is musical settings telling the story of the final, short period in the life of Jesus. Longing For Sweet Death: St. Gallen’s Bach, Vol. Bach came from a family of prominent musicians. Every year for Good Friday Vespers, a Passion would be performed in one of Leipzig’s two principal (Lutheran) churches, St. Thomas and St. Nicholas. December 14, 2020 by Jens F. Laurson. A: Loads. Had we but world enough and time, the re-release of this 1968 recording of Bach's St. Matthew Passion led by Wolfgang Gönnenwein would be no crime. What's the best recording of Bach's monumental choral work, the St Matthew Passion? Sung in English, and the translation was done by Troutbeck & Johnson. He was, by now, working as a … The St. Matthew Passion was one of the first recordings the Bach Collegium Japan and Masaaki Suzuki made for BIS in 1999, with only a handful of volumes of the complete Cantatas under their belts. And we’re back! What's the best recording of Bach's monumental choral work, the St Matthew Passion? On some of these recordings, the solo singer is reinforced in choral movements with a larger orchestra by a ripieno singer (OVPP+R). I have been, on the other hand, listening to St. Matthew passion by JE Gardiner. If we could sit each day and listen to each of the dozens of recordings of this monumental work, than no one would begrudge spending the 196 minutes it … Find out more about the best versions, and listen and download your favourites. This isn’t historically informed or accurate, it’s a romantic performance with large forces and slow tempos, but it is widely and in my opinion justly revered. Buy Bach : St Matthew Passion by Bach, Johann Sebastian, Gardiner, Sir John Eliot, London Oratory Junior Choir, Monteverdi Choir, Rolfe Johnson, Anthony, Schmidt, Andreas, Bonney, Barbara, Monoyios, Ann from Amazon's Classical Music Store. King’s College presents a new account of one of s acred music ’s greatest masterpieces, the Bach St Matthew Passion, recorded before Sir Stephen Cleobury’s untimely death on 22 November 2019. Bach given a boost among under-35s thanks to, Nina Simone plays a stunning Bach-style fugue in the, This Bach cantata is so beautiful it's basically from, Q: How many children did J.S. The first OVPP recording appeared in 2003, conducted by Paul McCreesh. 1, Chorus "Kommt, ihr Töchter, helft mir klagen" (Chorus 1, Chorus 2), St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244, Pt. Serge Koussevitzky conducted a performance on Good Friday 1937, sung in English. In 1707 he married a second cousin, Maria Barbara, and had seven children. 2, Recitative "Da Jesus diese Rede vollendet hatte" (Evangelist, Jesus) and more). Amid this wealth of superb recordings, the one that stands out for its sense of involvement and clarity of recording is by Harnoncourt, who combines with his forces to produce a truly great Passion in every sense of the word. 1: No. FOR MY MONEY, the best late-baroque opera of all was not written for the stage, not even close.Bach’s “St. Louis Spohr Bach: St. Matthew Passion (Part I) Bach: Matthaeus Passion (Part One) Matthäus-Passion BWV 244 - Part One Only; abridges Nos. The work was first recorded by symphonic choirs and orchestras. After that it was not performed again until its revival in Berlin in 1829 by Mendelssohn, which marked a renaissance of Bach’s sacred vocal music. King’s College presents a new account of one of s acred music ’s greatest masterpieces, the Bach St Matthew Passion, recorded before Sir Stephen Cleobury’s untimely death on 22 November 2019. (‘Passion’ is derived from the Latin verb ‘patior’ meaning ‘to suffer’ or ‘endure’, from which we also get ‘patience’ and ‘patient’.) 10, 12, 19, and 29: Bruno Walter: The Westminster Choir & Junior Choirs of the Pius X of Liturgical Music / New York Philharmonic Orchestra

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