Classic Auto Air is your source for Model Specific A/C kits for 80’s & older Ford, GM, Mopar, Porsche, Custom Street Rods & more. We were able to carefully slide the condenser in place after removing only the latch assembly. Your car is your baby, and we treat it … CAR AIR CONDITIONING KITS. Several companies specialize in discrete hang on systems that provide plenty of cold air without detracting from the natural beauty of the interior and engine compartment. In this install, this was purely a matter of aesthetics, as mounting the compressor on the passenger’s side means the hoses would not be routed over the engine. A Trinary switch combines Hi/Lo pressure protection with an electric-fan engagement signal, and should always be used when electric fans are utilized. We'll send you the most interesting Chevy Hardcore articles, news, car features, and videos every week. Both aftermarket and the manufacturer’s original equipment are available to fit these cars. © 2017 Power Automedia. The Leader In Air Conditioning Systems & Replacement Parts for Classic, Custom, and Antique Vehicles. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. For us, this meant half of the job was already done as we didn’t need to remove those parts. The factory glove-box liner will need to be replaced with the ABS unit that comes with the Vintage Air kit. Let’s face it, the weather can get a little warm – especially during the dog days of summer: July and August. Most components like the control panel, compressor and hoses are straightforward in removal. Factory (and many aftermarket A/C kits) are typically operated by cables that attach to the controls on the dash and then connect to the air-conditioning unit. Any air-conditioning system that was fitted to a classic streeter as original equipment will usually be well past its use-by date, and the mandatory replacement of R-12 refrigerant gas with R-134a is another issue. Custom Car Cool was founded in 1986 by owner Oscar Arce and has built a reputation of providing quality service and craftsmanship to the Houston area. That means the Vintage Air kit installs behind the dash nearly out of view while retaining the original appearance. All the systems we sell are designed and manufactured by us in Ocala Florida. Classic Auto Air offers solutions to retrofit or replace your classic muscle car or truck's air conditioning system. By 1972 air-conditioning installation had been pretty much perfected, such that iw was possible to get an air conditioner installed in three to five hours. When that happens, it doesn’t cool as efficiently.”. Its efficiency was accredited to the recirculation function where the already cooled air was pulled back across the evaporator to be further chilled. Aftermarket air conditioning kits from Vintage Air and March Performance bring modern comfort to your vintage, antique, or classic car or truck. Clayton Classics offers a wide range of stock heating and air conditioning products from individual replacement components to complete kits. A Binary switch disengages the Mark Gittelman is an ASE-certified master technician with over three decades of experience in the auto repair field. The more difficult parts will be the evaporator, retrieval of brackets and mounting hardware if the car has been exposed to the elements for a long period of time. We offer Direct Fit and Universal Fit systems for all makes and models 1987 or earlier. We were fortunate enough to be able to follow along as Lee installed the kit in his car, and while this story will not cover a nut-and-bolt installation – that’s what the detailed instruction are for – we will show some of the highlights, tell you what comes in the basic kit Lee ordered, and the options chosen. The drier can be equipped with either a Binary or Trinary pressure-safety switch. specialist vehicle air conditioning, classic car a/c - agricultural a/c - construction a/c - hgv & transport refrigeration service repair By using LiveAbout, you accept our, Pros and Cons of Repowering Classic Muscle Cars, How to Recharge Your Car's Air Conditioner, How to Install Corvette Headers and Side Exhaust, Top 5 Classic Car Accessories and Trim From the 50s, First Year for the Hurst Pistol Grip Shifter, Understanding the Components of Your Car's AC, Why Isn’t My Car AC Blowing Cold? If you want ultimate style and killer performance for your hot rod, street rod, classic or vintage car then look no further then Restomod Air’s custom vintage air conditioning systems. They also offer sure fit systems that are designed to replace defective air-conditioning on popular muscle cars from the 60s and 70s. His passion for performance got him noticed by many locals, and he began helping them modify their vehicles. These vehicle-specific systems install easily and attach to the factory sheetmetal and body features. Evaporator. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. Rohan Hutson from Australian Auto Air is here to show us how it’s done. No longer wanting to sit inside the house during the summer months, he made the decision to “cool” his hot rod and make it even more enjoyable. An install of an air-conditioning kit is not for the faint-of-heart. The kit comes with parts to convert your factory cable-operated controls to electronic operation and make them compatible with the Vintage Air HVAC unit. Our experts design and build Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems for Classic Vintage Cars. Adding the Vintage Air SureFit A/C kit might add a few accessories, but it will still have a clean appearance when the install is complete. The Mark IV features an all-steel case built from the original tooling. For some, it’s snow-covered winter leading into rain-soaked springtime, which limits driving time to Summer. Custom Aftermarket A/C Systems & Factory Replacement AC and Heater Parts for Hot Rods and Classic or Vintage Cars and Trucks including: Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, GMC Pickup, Corvette, Chevelle, and … Select Motors is experienced in classic auto air installation. How pleasurable is the time behind the wheel during the heat of summer? We also supply and install a wide range of air conditioning components and accessories. Review installation obstacles and the price ranges to help you decide whether up fitting your classic is right for you. Our Systems feature Heat, Air, and Defrost, or we also have Cool … The cool air was discharged from the package shelf behind the back seat and was angled up near the headliner as cold air would sink and cool the interior cabin efficiently. GM cashed in on the recognizable brand name and advertised in showroom windows that their vehicles were available with this coveted upgrade. Aftermarket vendors like Vintage Air specialize in equipping older cars with cold air conditioning.There are kits available to add A/C to just about any popular classic muscle car out there. Lee ordered the alternator-relocation brackets, because he wanted to move the alternator to the driver’s side of the engine and mount the A/C compressor to the passenger’s side of the engine. As you can imagine, his time behind the wheel has increased dramatically now that cooler conditions are present in the confines of his Nova. Welcome to Custom Car Cool. Electric Air Conditioning Electrocooler is the first 12V electric A/C system to offer levels of cooling comparable with that of a modern car. One of the first things we noticed when we first opened the boxes containing the kit, was there area lot of wires. Basically, this means it can be done, but your results could be less than adequate. All rights reserved. The Haymaker II is a full-size custom vintage air conditioning system, the Vapir II and Vapir III are compact vintage air conditioning systems and the Bantam II is an ultra-compact vintage air conditioning system. All rights reserved. The units integrate themselves into the car where the factory heater box once took up residence. The SureFit kits are the company’s most complete, bolt-in, climate-control systems available for classic cars. Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from Chevy Hardcore, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! Either way, like Lee, you’ll be happy you upgraded. of s.a.a specializing in all european motor vehicle servicing both mechanical and air compressor rebuilding aluminum welding - tig & oxy pipe fabrication hose remanufacturing r134a conversions adapt ion of universal condensors to o.e equivalent after market air conditioning to popular makes & models The Vintage Air kits work best with 1.8 pounds (28.8 oz.) CLASSIC VINTAGE CARS – SERVICE & INSTALLATION. Since we decided to move the compressor to keep the engine compartment a little cleaner, we had to have a local shop crimp the two compressor hoses. The timeless look of chrome and real steel combined with Vintage Air's proven performance makes the new Mark IV a great choice for your period-perfect ride. For those seeking comfort, the upgrade option is available on even some of the rarest automobiles. Sometimes, those questions might surround a situation that you do not fully understand. compressor clutch in cases of extreme low-pressure conditions, like when low on refrigerant, or when excessively high head-pressure occurs — to prevent compressor damage or hose rupture. We then routed the hard lines and mounted the drier to the passenger’s side inner fender. or 816 grams of R134, charged by weight with a quality charging station or scale. If you’re like us and you want to handle the install yourself, you might have a few questions about your system after it’s installed. If you’ve got something really obscure, you may need to do a small amount of custom work, but the basic components remain the same. Our under dash air conditioning kits feature quality Sanden 508 compressors matched to Formula under dash evaporators to delivery years of service and keep you ice cold in Summer and toasty warm in Winter. If you want ultimate style and killer performance for your hot rod, street rod, classic or vintage car then look no further then Restomod Air’s custom aftermarket air conditioning systems. General Motors teamed up with Frigidaire one of the most popular makers of refrigerators at the time. We asked Rick Love of Vintage Air what advice he could give the average enthusiast who wants to fill his new system by using the local auto parts store containers of R134? Each sub-section of wires is easily route-able, and with the clear and concise instructions, it really isn’t that hard to make the connections.

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