Note: Another way to make a diversity statement is through diversity videos. 10 Diversity Statement Samples Build children’s cultural identity and boost self-esteem by giving them chances to share their strengths with the class. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy All staff have a responsibility to ensure equality of access and opportunity and valuing diversity for all children and adults with whom they have contact on a day-to-day basis. For both employers and job seekers, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are more important than ever. Inclusion is a respect for and appreciation of these differences – the deliberate act of welcoming and valuing diversity. Individuals of all types of diversity on this list will experience different types of bias, which can affect their ability to excel in the workplace. 2 Early Childhood Essentials series: Inclusion and Diversity in the Early Years Introduction This book has been written for early years practitioners looking to focus on issues surrounding inclusion and diversity within their practice. At our last staff meeting we were asked to share practices, projects or initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in an individual or team’s current work. While children’s curiosity about differences can provide useful opportunities to discuss cultural diversity and racial identity, early negative behaviours can turn into prejudice if left unchecked. Spread the love Inclusion Statements appear on web pages, in job postings and, sometimes, in bigger reports (see PepsiCo below). Diversity is a concept that considers the many ways we are alike while respecting the ways we are different. to full inclusion by embedding diversity and inclusion in policies and practices and equipping leaders with the ability to manage diversity and be accountable for the results 1. Review policies and practices to identify and remove systemic barriers to inclusion 2. Inclusion and Diversity This statement explains inclusion. Phone: 02 4732 7843 Email: We Below are 10 examples of Inclusion Statements I hope you draw inspiration from. Proudly displaying similarities and differences is an excellent way to teach students to value diversity. Your children will encounter people of different races, cultures, and abilities. Research shows children’s development is highly influenced by social and cultural practices. In this blog post, diversity and inclusion expert (and 2019 MBE) Joanna Abeyie explores the differences between each element and how they relate to all workplaces. Inclusion and early intervention for children with diversity are interrelated concepts but are viewed differently and have separate outcomes. They’ll make friends with children from different familial structures. Cultural diversity and children’s socio-emotional development. Understanding the fine nuances of inclusion, equality and diversity in the modern workplace is challenging. The Definitive Guide to Diversity Types in the Workplace in 2020 [updated October 2020] This is the ultimate guide to Diversity Types in the Workplace in 2020.The same guide can be applied to the society, community about all aspects of diversity.The guide I will cover: It provides an overview of current policies and practice enriched by several research examples, concerning equality and diversity in … Help children verbally share the things that make them special. Make inclusion a thread, which runs through the entirety of the nursery, for example, by encouraging positive role models through the use of toys, imaginary play and activities, promoting non-stereotypical images and language and challenging all discriminatory behaviour (see dealing with discriminatory behaviour policy). Diversity Understanding that everyone has their own unique story, we approach diversity in its broadest terms. We do this … “All children and adults have the right to evolve and to develop in a context where there is equity and respect for diversity. They have become vital copy to attract the best talent. Inclusion and early intervention are not the same. Support Services Inclusion Support Agency (ISA) – Sydney North West Provide childcare services staff with practical advice and support in including children with additional needs into a quality child care environment. We provide positive role models and non-stereotyping information about gender roles, diverse ethnic and cultural groups and disabled people. alongside updated Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Guidelines. In this essay i will be discussing equality amongst children, inclusion, inclusiveness and diversity and how to put these things mentioned into practise when working with children and young people. When we value diversity we do not try to make all of us the same instead we embrace the differences that make each of us unique. Defining diversity Diversity means varied and … 1.1 Defining diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination In this unit, we look at some of the key definitions and concepts associated with equality and diversity. all children and their families. In recognition of Diversity Month, we asked our own Employee Resource Group leaders for some tips and action items for managers and HR leaders to help build a diverse and inclusive culture at work. It covers almost all aspects of inclusion with its broader meaning. There only few good books covering inclusion in early year settings and this is one of those. Practice Guide Four: Equity and Diversity is one of a series of Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework Practice Guides (refer to Sources), and includes examples of best practice from a range of early childhood professionals across diverse settings. Giving examples of your employee resource groups (like Stanley Black & Decker) is a great example of that. • Encourage families to talk about cultural diversity with their children. When you are building out a diverse and inclusive workforce, make sure to continuously educate your team on why diversity and inclusion matters so everyone is on the same page. Diversity in the workplace benefits. Equality & Diversity Part 1, Nursery World, 23rd September 2009. It is important to focus on what inclusion and diversity The charter invites all of us, at every level of the early childhood care and education system – from national policy-makers to frontline practitioners – to embrace, promote and embed principles of Check out this article for inspiration: Best Diversity and Inclusion Videos. 1, Understand the importance of promoting equality and diversity in work with children and young people. The unit then looks at the forces that work against equality, diversity, inclusion and discrimination. Inclusion: The incorporation of children and families into the service to ensure that all individuals have an equal opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. All children are unique and some children have additional needs which must be met by the setting with the support of the SENCO or Inclusion manager. And execs know a diverse workforce (in age, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and gender) brings diverse viewpoints and perspectives to the company; these elements can help you develop great new … Inclusion fosters diversity and overcomes any barriers that might exist to ensure that every child experiences quality early childhood education and care. Make a point of acknowledging where all the children in the group come from by simply hanging a map and tagging locations with the child’s name and country of origin. Diversity and its Importance in Early Childhood . Equality, diversity and inclusion in work with children and young people 1.1 Areas of legislation are ever changing but it is important to be able to identify current and relevant aspects of those which promote equality and value diversity. As the former head of people at two quickly growing startups and the cofounder of a nationally recognized workplace inclusion strategy firm, I’ve seen firsthand how questions of DEI are being centered in the hiring process for all roles. Access and provide referral to inclusion support services to support children’s well-being and full inclusion into our preschool program. Following is a collection of excellent cultural diverse video case studies that highlight different aspects of programs that are designed to include people from different cultural backgrounds. The list was great benchmark on how to embed diversity and inclusion tools into the work environment so I wanted to share a list of examples as told by… We live in an increasingly diverse world, which is a truly wonderful thing. The concept of diversity takes various forms and is incorporated into many aspects of our life. children and families. The Diversity in Early Childhood Education and Training (DECET) network has actively promoted diversity and equality in early childhood in many European countries. In our effort to most effectively serve the children and families of a diverse community, we embrace the following definitions of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Inclusive resources are a requirement in educational settings as outlined in various guidance materials: It has developed a range of resources and materials for early childhood practitioners and trainers, including ‘Diversity and social inclusion. Diversity and Inclusion - Raising Your Children to be Accepting. We have our own Case Studies that provides many examples of clubs and associations that are doing great work to promote inclusion and diversity. Diversity and inclusion: 8 best practices for changing your culture A strong diversity and inclusion strategy can help your organization attract top talent and drive innovative results. From religion, gender, culture, family structures, and physical abilities, we are each brought into this world made up of many differences. Child's Play works in liaison with a number of agencies and diversity specialists to ensure that inclusion is accurate and effective, and to avoid tokenism. This includes the staff in the nursery, the children and families attending, volunteers and students. To us, diversity celebrates the value of each individual and group. Inclusion and diversity is a thread, which runs through the entirety of the nursery. After all, the best talent values inclusivity. Since inclusion is beneficial to all children, inclusion in early childhood settings is considered to be highly important (Gupta, Henninger & Vinh, 2014). Note: If you like this … Provide an educational program which aims to reflects principles of inclusion, equity and diversity in action. Equality and diversity are important to emphasise within the early years setting as they are critical values to impart to young children. Inclusion support agencies: Funded by the Commonwealth Government to work at a local level with early childhood education and care services.

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